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Hello everyone and a small question
Hello from Spain Pac-man ROM's users. I am glad to be in this forum and I hope to learn a lot about custom ROMs. PC looks great, a very complete ROM with features of other ROMs. I only have one question. Should I have to have my bootloader unlocked or should it be locked?

Thank you very much.

See you around, people!!!
(07-07-2014, 03:58 AM)senpaivm Wrote: Hola de usuarios España Pac-man de ROM. Estoy contento de estar en este foro y espero aprender mucho de ROMs personalizadas. PC se ve muy bien, una ROM muy completo con características de otras ROMs. Sólo tengo una pregunta. ¿Debo tener mi bootloader desbloqueado o debe ser bloqueado? Muchas gracias. nos veremos, la gente!

It should be open bootloader, since you have to flasearle before the kernel that is inside the zip file. Are you from Spain?
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