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Force closing/blame split screen
     I have been getting alot of these lately. Is it an update issue? I didnot eexperience this as often when I was running the 4.4.2 Version.
     I have the gt-n5110. Installed with TWRP v2.7.1.0. Dev supplied kernel, as I don't think Dracko or Mortz has been updated to run on 4.4.4 yet.
     There is no pattern, or any particular app or service that triggers it. I was running this rom on all 4 of my tablets and was getting this on them all. I love this ROM as it has all the things from all the greats wrapped into a well thought out ROM. Runs good at first but after a couple weeks of running the force closing of apps gets worse. I'm hoping this update fixes the issue because I run this and CivZ on my Note 8.0s, one one each, and just love all the features. I do not use multi window or omni at all on this ROM so that can't be it.
     One last thing, I know it is not a good thing to ask but, is there going to be an update to your Dracko kernel for this ROM soon? 
     Thank you for allowing me to post in your forum and look forward to all the things you develop and share with us .
Welcome and to help answer your question, I'm not sure if you already know but it does not actually have anything to do with a split screen feature. Its just the message it gives when something happens in the ROM that the programming was not ready for. Maybe sort of like "buffer overflow" but luckily the devs made it so it can recover successfully. Although I do gets reboots occasionally too.
I've been trying to help with these myself and I think the best thing we can do is capture error logs when the system crashes. Check my G+ post from last week on their discussion thread where they show us how to do it.

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