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Greetings! 2 Q. Galaxy S5 support? Where to download ROM?
Greetings! Smile

I have a hard time to find the actual ROM file to download.
I click download at the main homepage and get redirected to this link:

At that page I see several pages of nicknames. 
I have gone through about half of them and still not found anyone with the PAC-ROM files. 

Is this seriously the right place to download the ROM?
Is there any direct link to the files?

And btw. Does Pac-Rom have support for Samsung Galaxy S5?

Best regards,
I will now try to compile a compatible version on my own, following this guide:

If anyone have any advice or can help me doing this please don't hesitate to contact me or write in this thread.
I will come back here often and check for replys.

Also, I'm requesting a Galaxy S5 forum where we can discuss a Pac Rom for Galaxy S5. Smile 

Best regards,
I second the request for a GS5 folder Big Grin

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