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05/24 update
I just downloaded the update for today 05/24 and when I rebooted my phone it is just sitting at the loading screen. is there anyway for me to fix this or am I going to have to go back to a previous update
Galaxy s3 i9300 0524? Where? Can you give me the link?

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I don't know if you use d2lte i think the s3 is that but heres the link for it
You have to go back to 5/19 they said there is a problem with the latest builds it was happening to 5/25 as well it why I imagine builds 5/24 and 25 have been pulled they said they are working on the problem

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That's what I did I'm back using 5 19 kinda figured there was some issues and also the basketbuild site is still a little sluggish.

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