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CWM Status 7 when flashing 4.4 on huashan.
Hi all,

I have flashed my SP (huashan) with Pac-man rom 4.3 but would like to upgrade it to 4.4. I have succeeded with flashing an AOKP 4.4 release however I much prefer Pac-man.
The issue is when I flash using CWM I get a 'status 7' error; a quick search on the Web reveals a widely accepted way of overcoming this by removing text from 'updater-script' in the Rom zip file. I was just wondering whether anyone has tried this with any luck, or at least knows whether if it is safe to do so without bricking my device, as surely the protection is there for a reason? 
Unfortunately a lot have said in other forums also that updating CWM often rectifies the issue, I am running the highest possible version for my device currently so that option is out of the question...
Any help would be appriciated!
Try flashing CM11 first and then PAC.
Also, this post suggests updating your recovery, giving a pretty decent explanation of the problem.
[Image: bannersmall.png]
Yeah I had come across that post you reckon that I run the risk of bricking my device should I decide to follow this method? I would try updating my recovery but I am running the latest version for my device (CWM so therefore the only option I really have is to change the 'updater-script' file as highlighted in the post you linked to. Am trying to source a copy of CM11 that is compatable with my phone, which seems to only be Project Free Xperia; and i am not having a lot of luck with that either due to a different error preventing me from installing. Undecided

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