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Spontaneous crashes & reboots with wifi on
I did a major upgrade from Jan. install to now. Installed:
pac_p3110-nightly-20140507 & pa_gapps-stock-4.4.2-20140503-signed.
Since then I have had constant problem with spontaneous crashes & reboots (within 1-5 min.) that I have discovered that is when wifi is on.
Note: I have very little knowledge of how things actually work, but am able to follow directions and usually get them to work.
Right now I can only see that
a) I should be using a different gapps because something in there is causing the trouble.
b) There is a setting I am messing up that is causing a major conflict that when wifi is on results in thses app crashes/freezes or just reboots.
c) An app is causing a problem (which I have no clue) that can be fixxed by uninstalling and reinstalling.
d) There is a bug (that I can not seem to find anything on) that will be fixed in the near future and just be patient.
Many thanks for any help. I am patient.

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