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Nightly 04.28.14 - Blame It On Split Screen
Getting all apps and cores crashing with "Blame it on Split Screen" messages. Could not do anything without getting multiple crash dialogs.  Forced a reboot to recovery and restored my prior version of April 19th, which was the last update I loaded.  I' not known for having to flash updates often due to bandwidth usage issues.

Was hoping to update to a version that does not have the random reboot issue.  Look forward to having split screen - if that is part of the Nightly 28th. Would rather have a much louder, richer, sound system.  Especially during rings and phone conversations. 
I recently put 4.4.2 on my kindle fire (2nd gen) and have this problem too.. Not on every app, but I do have to reboot several times a day. And get the split screen error a lot when using the Facebook (v-2.2.1 from 2013)
So o got into Pac Console and turned on nightlys and it offered an update on the server, I downloaded the new update, but the flash update button never lit up and became active.
I am new to pac-roms, so any insight here would be nice..
I even tried booting into recovery to see if I could install the zip from there, but the folder it is downloaded into does not appear in recovery mode.

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