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Blame The Split screen
i dirty flashed updated from pac rom 4.2.2 to 4.4 nightly 4/12/14 and blame the split screen error kept popping up. stuff kept crashing but after awhile i was able to get it to stop. then it only popped up when i tried opening apps. so i clean installed the nightly and i wasnt able to get past the welcome/setup screen/stage itd let me set my language but after i skip mobile activation (i dont have service i was just gonna use wifi) and set up wifi it would either go back to the language set up or just stay black. im using the samsung galaxy s2 d710 epic 4g touch any help would be greatly appriecated. i flashed Gapps too btw. i love pac rom and id really like this to be fix ive been on the camp out for a new nightly since 4/12/14 its 4/18/14 today

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