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Bluetooth Phone Audio & Corporate Exchange Services
I just installed the 2014-04-17 nightly.  I have Baseband UCLH3.  This ROM is almost perfect.  I have two issues.

The first is with bluetooth.  I have several bluetooth devices and all of them work fine with media audio, however none of them work at all with phone audio.  I have found this issue with every KK and JB ROM I have tried.  Bluetooth worked perfectly on the stock ICS ROM.  Is this a radio issue?  I have been unable to find anything but three stock radio images; one GB and two ICS.  Any potential solution within the ROM and/or kernel?

The second issue is with corporate email/contacts/calendar using the stock apps.  I have also had problems with this on every ROM except the stock ICS.  Connection is very inconsistent and Exchange Services crashes frequently while trying to sync.  I can get Touchdown to work fine, but not the stock apps.  

Thanks in advance for any assistance or advice anyone can offer.

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