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4.4 Alpha-1 Build Bugs
Hey guys. Anyone having issues with in-call volume and/or app crashes? When i am on a call, both the regular and speaker phone volumes are too low to hear. i have to plug in head phones in order to hear phone calls. i also am unable to run netflix app. FC after login. "Blame the Split-Screen". Any info is appreciated thanks. Also, TMobile Note II using t0lte rom. Build date is Mar 13
Netflix is a known issue. There is an xposed app for it or you can use the alternate Netflix (black netflix) found on xda.

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Excellent. Thanks. Have you heard any reports of volume issues?
OK. So i found this thread,, and downloaded every file they have and none resolved the issue. Do you have any other link that may have different solution? I was unable to find any threads using xposed netflix or black netflix. And thanks for your help.

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