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LOVE this ROM. Anybody else in here?
Surprising that it is so quiet. This ROM has breathed new life into my bionic.
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What bionic ota are you on?  Which version of pac did you flash?  Have you tried custom kernels (jbx-kernel)?  If so, which one?  I tried pacman nightly version pac_targa-nightly-20140604 it was flying but it didn't like OC modules or jbx-kernel.  Also tried, pac_targa-4.3-20140128, and it didn't play nice with OC or JBX kernel.  CM11 works great with jbx but pacman is REALLY fast!!!!  I want some pacman rom!!!!  Thanks! 
I flashed the June 4th nightly, no custom kernels. I haven't seen any activity since then.
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Where i can find this rom?

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