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need to switch back to 4.3
I just upgraded to the latest nightly on my SCH-i605. Just like every other time I have up graded to a 4.4 version of PAC, my phone gets no signal. the last time I did this I just switched back to 4.3 but I have lost the zip file and cant find another one any where. The oldest nightly on this site is from march and is 4.4. when I tried this one my signal still dint work. This really sucks because my phone dosent work and I really dont want to have to switch to another rom and have to set all of my stuff up again. Can anyone help me find a PAC 4.3 build or tell me how to get my phoneto connect to the network with this latest build.


Super Desperate
Hmmm...inside release folder there one final build for 4.3 before 4.4 build is launch....they keep that last build in release folder just in case user wanna switch back to 4.3....
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