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GS3 SGH-T999 Pac-rom
Will the '' I found at work on the T Mobile Galaxy SIII (T999)? I plan to sideload pac-rom but Im not 100% sure that is the right rom so yeah.
I was able to get it to install (specifically [Image: zip.png] using TWRP 2.7.0, install Ti Backup Pro, and restore some of my previous apps+data.  Some app's data did not come back, but I'm pretty sure that's not the fault of PAC.

I wasn't familiar with Ti Backup's restore options and bungled restoring some system data requiring restoring previous 4.3 version from TWRP backup.  I'll try again when I have more time to be without an operating phone.

So I can confirm it can access Play Store via WiFi and run some apk's.  I didn't get to try any other options like cell phone, data, bluetooth, camera, video, audio/music, etc.

TWRP was unable to wipe /cache prior to installing PAC 4.4.  GooManager refused to install TWRP 2.7.0 (unknown device type I think or no newer version of TWRP to install), so I used ROM Installer (Nandroid Manager * ROOT might also work) to install the .img file from TWRP for Samsung Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile USA) [d2tmo].

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