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New guy, had an idea
Currently this is the favourite ROM on my phone and it lives up to its name.  I love the website you guys have here too.

I was thinking about it though and it might be too much for some people, and some of the options might not be needed for them.  What about making individual xposed modules for as much as possible in Pacman, and then you can pick the modules you want to install through AROMA/download them from the website as we go.  This way you could pac it with only what you need to survive (including her royal highness's matched luggage if you want.)

I'm not sure how it would increase the size of the download with AROMA and the padding of the APK around the actual code, but I can't imagine it would be much.  The only problem would be it would add up with all of the users downloading it resulting in some increased bandwidth.

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