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User Reported Bug Here......
User Pls report your bug here

i. Report in detail
ii.give the logcats
iii. dont use +1 or like or any other thing like that
iv.give screenshot if u can

any other Format will not be tolarated

enjoy the Great P.A.C Rom
Wifi is not working after updating to 3.4.45 kernel and 20130519 build. could you please rectify or give me solution since i am stuck without wifi
if u want to use nighties use toaday's build as it solve the WI-fi problem
there were some sony DASH problem
which is fixed in this build
still random reboot in nightly-20130606..
i hope u fix it before release again..
i asumsion from kernel..

thx for ur great work man..
i realy like this rom..
Xperia Neo (hallon) on Pac Rom 4.3 19.08.2013 000629

Bugs :

1) No System, PA preference, ROM Control, Themes and LockScreen settings in Settings
2) Camera both Gallery2 and Focal are buggy the preview keeps flickering

Sorry for no screenshot already reverted back to PAC 4.2 rc1
Xperia Neo (hallon) on Pac Rom 4.3 28.08.2013 crashes when cpu frequency is set to 1401Mhz. The phone goes into bootloop. Working smoothly in 1017Mhz.
Latest nightly 0909 is very stable and smooth. And i love the new transitions... Gr8 work...
i have xperia sk17i , i used your mango version and older ones too.
i flashed the kernel in the zip file , but when the phone boots touch screen and soft keys don't work .
i tried to wipe cache and dalvik cache but to no avail .
i wanna use your wonderful rom , please help me found the problem .
when i flash xperia enhanced rom e3 (ftf format ) everything works fine.
Bugs :

Attached Files
.png   Screenshot_2013-09-22-19-33-53.png (Size: 12.51 KB / Downloads: 232)
.png   Screenshot_2013-09-22-19-34-39.png (Size: 9.37 KB / Downloads: 232)
.png   Screenshot_2013-09-22-19-35-22.png (Size: 17.57 KB / Downloads: 232)

The same problem is there in quickpic as well...
Another the weather in notification panel shows up on all reatarts or when the SystemUI is restarted...

Attached Files
.png   Screenshot_2013-09-22-20-56-34.png (Size: 22.42 KB / Downloads: 230)
.png   Screenshot_2013-09-23-10-50-16.png (Size: 103.02 KB / Downloads: 230)

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