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[Request Thread] Request For Future Release
Hello.Enjoying this rom so far.
Any chance to release different boot animations?
When we are using a theme, the custom notification color don't apply on music notification and toggle menu, please correct this "bug" if it possible Smile
Did anyone of you ever use NamelessROM? Well, there's this awesome feature called "On-the-go mode" which activates the camera while using your phone as usual. I'm not good at explaining so please just watch the little video I attached. The feature is available from a quick settings tile or from an option at the powermenu and its transparency is adjustable.
Now, have fun watching this short showcase (45sec).

(08-19-2014, 09:47 PM)saskrider Wrote: Hello.Enjoying this rom so far.
Any chance to release different boot animations?

If you want to change your boot animation you can do this at any time. Just google. Or are you talking about more pacman-related animations?
I figured out how to change the boot animation thanks.very easy to do actually.
stuff from dirty unicorns
I don't know if it is supported yet,
But i gotta ask.

If usb audio isn't supported, please make this possible.

For example for USB dac's that wish to improve the sound quality of the phone. THANKS a million!
I've seen it in many other roms, would like to have 8 shortcut targets on lockscreen

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Wauw that someone can fall over that.
I'd like to see the bluez bluetooth stack included. Maybe with options to switch between bluez and bluedroid if possible.

The bluez bluetooth stack was removed from android 4.2 and replaced with a stack that had support for less profiles. But bluez has recently been ported to the latest versions of android as a drop in replacement for bluedroid.
is it possible to add a trigger in system profiles for headphones? would be nice to autochange profile because it seems some notification sounds are still played on speakers and i want them a bit lower on my headset and especially different sounds than other profiles

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