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[Request Thread] Request For Future Release
(04-10-2014, 01:43 PM)Nick0703 Wrote:
(04-10-2014, 01:00 PM)innuendofloyd Wrote: Hi everybody,

I switched again to cyanogenmod because of a very simple thing is missing from PAC man: disable CRT off animation, as you can see in the attachment, I disabled it. Display turns off immediately.

In PAC man ROM there's always a sort of "fade out" even if I chose to don't show any animation

I hope this feature will be added.

How about you flash the latest zip for your device? We fixed that...

Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk

Wooooooot???!! Really!!
Ok tomorrow will be the flash day!!

So many thanks!!


From GNexus
Hmmm... i had just been looking at PA features and some features really caught my eyes....i'm hoping PAC devs can consider adding this features in next update....

1. Quick Settings Panel - Immersive Tile

2. Quick Settings Panel - Edit Mode Button

3. Quick Settings Panel - Dual Tiles

Also i would like for PAC Devs to add minfree preset in PAC performance...CM Performance has a few preset but PAC Performance doesn't have any....its quite important to have these preset for easy setup...
[Image: my_banner.png]
I've looked for this in other ROMs but I haven't seen it anywhere so i thought I'd give it a shot in here with the big dogs...

Well just like you have the option to NOT have the screen come on when you get a notification, Id like to have the same option for incoming call. So basically the phone will ring but i cant do anything about it until i hit the power button to see who's calling and it would be an option that i could turn on and off like with notifications. I cant tell you how many times i hang up on people or take calls I don't want while trying to wrangle my phone out of my pocket. Maybe others have too...?
sgh-s959g (i777 from straight talk)
running latest PACrom

what about the PA's Setting ?

[Image: userinterface.png]

was one of the best feature !!!
I saw this amazing feature in a rom called Thinking Bridge that maybe left from it's own developers
I wanted to know if this feature could be ported to pac it will be amazing
The Best For The Best
I already post these requests, but no response.
I try again in this thread, maybe more luck ?

1) I would like if to know if it's possible to add the new weather tweak only in quick settings, or only in notification panel ? Because on your rom, we can only put the weather in quick settings AND notification panel.
You make a great work, good luck !

2) Can you add an option to change the notification panel header color ?
Because i usually use Xblast tool to make the notification panel header as transparent, but with your rom, it doesn't work.

3) Can you fix the problem that the rom can't detect sim card ?
On my device (Galaxy S3 LTE i9305), i always have to turn ON/OFF airplane mode to detect my sim card. (It's not my device bug, because with other roms, i don't have this problem)

Thanks in advance, hope that you'll answer me this time Haha
Hmmm...i'm getting frustrate with PAC own PAC just won't work with other minfree manager out doesn't compatible with other minfree manager (if we set it using other apps) and changing the minfree is quite annoying because there no preset to choose on....
i would like to suggest to bring back CM performance and dish PAC performances unless you make PAC performance user friendly just like CM Performances....
[Image: my_banner.png]
Hi PAC team and congrats for your beautiful work. I was wondering why in a ROM full of features like yours the only one missing is Slim pie that I consider the best feature ever created for android. And I use it a lot. Any plans to insert it in future release?
And one more question regard floating windows, latest floating windows (I think omni) has possibility to move\close\stretch and so on the window...are much better than the one inside of nightly 0516. Do you plan to update them? Thanks and best regards
Using Tapatalk
Someone of pac team still follow forum or not?
Using Tapatalk
I hoping that PAC dev read our request here and at least reply on some request that is possible or not possible to be added into PAC rom....

Anyway....i have been a loyal user of PAC rom since v4.2.2 and i have see a lot of evolution coming from PAC...some new features added to keep up with the latest android and some features have been abandoned to give way for new features....since PAC source have been reset the PAC dev, they have slowly adding those features back into PAC rom in future updates but from all of the features there one features that i wish PAC dev didn't include it anymore that is

1. PAC in Black (darkmode)....
the reason why i wish you guys didn't add this features back is because this features will broke a lot of 3rd party themes out there....95% of 3rd party themes out there doesn't support darkmode and themes dev refuse to add darkmode support cause it will break their themes or to much work need to make it compatible with darkmode (i know this cause i have made contact with a couple of themes dev and they give me almost the same answer about darkmode)...
so PAC dev please hear my request here and please don't add darkmode back into PAC...latest build is more beautiful without darkmode...
[Image: my_banner.png]

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