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Service changing from LTE to 3G
Hi, I just installed the newest version of PAC and now my phone has the LTE logo above the signal strength bar but when I make a call it switches to 3G.  I have an SGH-M919. I have Android version 4.4.2, and PAC version 4.4.Alpha-1
Looking at my wife's phone which is the same exact model but not modded i notice that here logo says 4G LTE and then when she makes a call it changes to just 4G.  Is is possible that the PAC-man rom is just using the wrong icon(i.e. 3G instead of 4G)???
I have sch-r970 and my internet won't work on my phone until I set it to 3g if its set to do 4g it can't find internet any ideas?
Also what is the latest ROM for sch- r970 I'm new to this and any help is appreciated thanks

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