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wi-fi issues with kitkat?
I flashed the 20140315 (KitKat) nightly and noticed that when I'm on wi-fi I lose all network access after around 5 minutes.  (web pages don't load, etc.)  Turning off wifi restores network access when it switches to LTE, and it wifi works when I turn it back on  Then it dies again after a few minutes.  Experienced this on two different APs now so I assume it's the ROM.  The OS seems to *think* it still has a connection when this happens since connections take a long time to timeout (versus immediate "no connection" messages if you were in airplane mode.)

I'm on the AT&T M7, bl unlocked, S-ON.  I flashed from the stock image which I believe was 4.1.2.  Anyone else seen this behavior or oddities with AOSP-based KitKat ROMs on M7? 

So I updated my radio firmware with the latest package from and that seems to have resolved the issue!  No more wifi disconnects for ~ 24 hours now.

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