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Update to 4.4
I have been monitoring Jenkins, the nightlies and have searched and read a ton of threads/posts but have not seen any mention of N8013. I am not looking to bust balls, but am just looking for information - will this device have updates for 4.4? If so, do you have a general time frame? 
Thanks in advance.  
If someone brings the device repos up to 4.4 we can support it. As of right now cm has no cm-11 branch for it. Check omni or slim or another large group to see if they have updated device trees. Look at pac github android vendor pac in dependencies for your device to see the repos u need brought up to 4.4

XDA Moderator
To be honest, I didn't understand much of that, but I thank you none-the-less! 
I will look around and see if I can find/figure out anything.  During my earlier searches, I did see that Omni (I think) had 4.4 for this device, so maybe I will find something there to help out. I would think that at some point there would have to be something as the device is still relatively current.
I love this ROM and would rather stay @ 4.2 with Pac than to flash another ROM just to get 4.4; that being said, ideally I would like both...
Thanks again, it is appreciated.

I found CM11 for the N8013 and downloaded it. I also have some links to the XDA page, the CM11 download page, the Omni Rom page and the Github page that has the source code for the branch (see below). Hopefully this is what you need, but as I mentioned, I am out of my depth here.
I am still new to this type of community and I don't know all the protocol, so if I inadvertently do something wrong or am being a nuisance, I hope you will forgive me; it is just that I am seeing everyone get something under the tree and I want a present too!
I am willing to search for things, but I have no idea what to do with them, so just let me know if there is something I can do to help.


CM11 -!HRlRiDha!koshDKZ1U5...Fogdk-AZKo

Omni -

Github -

Here is the link to the repos for 4.4 (I think and hope):

Is there anything else that I need to find? Am I on the right track? As I mentioned, this is all above what I am familiar with, but I am willing to help with menial tasks if that helps you out. 

Have a great weekend! 


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