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[ROM][OFFICIAL][Lollipop 5.0.2][Satsuma] PAC-ROM LP Beta-1
[Image: Header.png]

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PAC-ROM is built with our own tweaks and options, including picks and features from the best ROMs out there!

Why choose among ROMs, when you have All-in-One !!

[Image: Screenshots.png]

[Image: PAC_man_slider.gif]

[Image: Features.png]
[Image: Features_List.png]

[Image: Disclaimer.png]

Quote:* By flashing this, you automatically void your warranty! *

* If your phone breaks, blows up or runs away from you, do not cry to us! *

* Do not ask for ETAs!! *

[Image: How_to_Install.png]

Quote:* Download the ROM and GApps *

* Reboot to recovery *

* Format /system using , then /data and then /cache (Important step!) *

* Wipe data/factory reset *

* Flash the ROM and then GApps *

* Reboot your phone *

* Enjoy *[/color]

[Image: How_to_Update.png]

Quote:* Download the latest version *

* Reboot to recovery *

* Flash the ROM *

* Wipe both dalvik cache and cache *

* Reboot your phone *

* Enjoy the latest version of PAC-ROM *

[Image: Not_Working.png]

Quote:* Submit a bug report *

* Submit a patch *

[Image: Other_Info.png]

Quote:* WARNING: This ROM uses a modified internal memory layout.
Our /system partition is originally 400MB but this space is not enough for a fluid experience and a full installation with proper google apps.
The internal storage has been repartitioned to give the whole space to /system & /cache. You will need a second primary partition on your SD card to be used as the /data partition.

If you want to use this ROM you will always have to use the included kernel or use a kernel that includes the layout changes. Bug reports with non-standard kernels will be ignored.
You will have to wipe the device and make a clean install.
You cannot restore nandroid backups from previous android versions or restore backups from this ROM to other ROMs that don't use the new partition layout since you risk corrupting the data.
I suggest to use Titanium Backup, Helium or any other similar app to backup your data if you really need to.

* Have the stock ICS 4.1.B.0.587 full ftf flashed (doesn't matter if you have flashed it in the past or if you flash it before installing PAC-5.0, it will work both ways)
* LT15i (Arc) users need to flash LT18i (Arc S) ftf
* MT15i (Neo) users need to flash MT11i (Neo V) ftf
* Minimum 2GB second primary ext4 partition for /data on class 10 SD card.*

[Image: Download.png]

Quote:* PAC-ROM Downloads *

* GApps *

[Image: Credits.png]

Quote:* PAC-ROM Team *

* Cyanogen Team *

* AOKP Team *

* DirtyUnicorns *

* SlimRoms *

* Vanir *

* Omnirom *

* LegacyXperia *

* Special thanks to all our Build Bot Providers (see Contributors list for all names) *

* PAC Graphix Team - Graphics, logos and images (see Contributors list for all names) *

* And of course, thank you for your love and support!

[Image: Support.png]

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Help with server costs

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