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LWW Stereo speaker fix...
after build 506 (din't check build 508) stereo speakers stopped working in LWW... Sad

BUT i got stereo speakers working on my LWW with build's what i did.... Tongue :roll:
i took the file ( /system/lib/hw ) from build 506 and placed this file in the same location in the build 509 set permissions and reboot...and...
voila !!!....the stereo speakers worked... :mrgreen: Big Grin

BTW i got the idea from this post ...<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ount=108..</a><!-- m -->.
so thank u @mikeioannina for this post...
Hi to all and it is a pity to announce that stereo bug is come backSad(
Today I installed clean pac_coconut_4.4.4.RC-1_20140907-201152, last GApps mini  ++, factory reset, installed last PowerAmp 2.0.9-build.561 and got it!!!!!! stereo doesn't work, only one speaker.

I tried to fix it like it was written in this tread, - had no success, - bootloopSad

verry appreciated for the willingness to help.

***UPD. everything is working now. May be spots on the Sun is the reason... Sorry for inconvenience. Smile

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