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Disable lockscreen rotation
i'm using PAC 4.4.2 ALPHA for anzu (Built by myself)
Awesome job PAC Team most appreciated

Just need one option to disable lockscreen rotation (as i hate it)
Any way to disable it or support  soon

Thanks in advance
Anyone find anything on this? It bugs the **** out of me

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Using Tapatalk

1. decompile framework-res.apk
2. go to res/values/bools.xml
3. find this line

bool name="config_enableLockScreenRotation">true

4. change it to

bool name="config_enableLockScreenRotation">false

5. recompile the framework
6. flash the modded framework to your devices

Remember to make backup just in case there something wrong...
[Image: my_banner.png]
Add the following line to your build.prop file:


Tip: Before you add the line, check if the same parameter is present in the build.prop file, but with the value set to true. If it is present, then modify the existing line and set it to false.

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