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4.4 D710
hey guys.

   downloaded the 4.4 nightly. this morning.. was up all night waiting for it .. yes i was alittle exited Tongue i use ICS modem FL26

killer rom .. TONS of tweeks and mods <3 for pac devs!

the build  has no splash screen.. worried me a bit after flash
it's also not able to detect baseband so telephony/texting and data isn't working, Wifi connected right up with no issues and used the lasted gapps connected up to google accounts and all that just fine vie wifi.

it was smooth and snappy from what i played with.

just wanted to report the issues, looks like DU is also having the same issue with Baseband on this phone type. keep up the good work and i hope this phone will be officially supported a few of us have been posting on the XDA thread in epic 4 g touch.
can we get a D710 thread under Dev or is this phone not fully supported?

on XDA it seams that the issue with this phone is the new kernel/modem related.

do we have a Dev working on this release?
just wondering. This is a rom i would like to still have on our phones

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