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[ROM][OFFICIAL][KitKat 4.4.2][encrc2b] PAC-man VERSION [AOSP]
[Image: Header_Glass.png]

PAC-man ROM 4.4 is a ROM build from scratch from AOSP with our own tweaks and options, including picks and features from the best ROMs out there!

Why choose among ROMs, when you have All-in-One !!

[Image: Screenshots_Glass.png]

[Image: PAC_man_slider.gif]

[Image: Features_Glass.png]

* All in One Rom [Core features from [COLOR="#9cce38"]PA[/COLOR], [COLOR="#f784ec"]AOKP[/COLOR] and [COLOR="#5997b7"]CM[/COLOR]]

* PAC in Black

* Status bar tweaks

* Quick Settings Panel tweaks

* Notification Drawer tweaks

* Lockscreen Notifications

* Active Display

* Appbar

* Gesture Anywhere

* Init.d scripts

* Build.prop Mods

* Statusbar Weather

* Recents RAM Bar

* PAC Console

* Latest Version Nightly Builds

* OTA Updates

* Changelog Viewer

* [COLOR="#9cce38"]Basically if there is a cool feature out there and it's open source,
  then we will try to bring that feature into PAC-man[/COLOR]
 [COLOR="#f784ec"](insert PAC-man eating a pellet sound here)[/COLOR]

* And of course:

[Image: gzaI3qD.jpg]

[Image: Disclaimer_Glass.png]

* [COLOR="red"]By flashing this, you automatically void your warranty![/COLOR]

* [COLOR="red"]If your phone breaks, blows up or runs away from you, do not cry to us![/COLOR]

* [COLOR="red"]Do not ask for ETAs!![/COLOR]

[Image: How_to_Install_Glass.png]

* [COLOR="#f784ec"]Download the ROM and GApps[/COLOR]

* [COLOR="#f784ec"]Reboot to recovery[/COLOR]

* [COLOR="#f784ec"]Wipe data/factory reset[/COLOR]

* [COLOR="#f784ec"]Flash the ROM and then GAapps[/COLOR]

* [COLOR="#f784ec"]Reboot your phone[/COLOR]

* [COLOR="#f784ec"]Enjoy[/COLOR]

[Image: How_to_Update_Glass.png]

* [COLOR="#5997b7"]Download the latest version[/COLOR]

* [COLOR="#5997b7"]Reboot to recovery[/COLOR]

* [COLOR="#5997b7"]Flash the ROM[/COLOR]

* [COLOR="#5997b7"]Wipe both dalvik cache and cache[/COLOR]

* [COLOR="#5997b7"]Reboot your phone[/COLOR]

* [COLOR="#5997b7"]Enjoy the latest version of PAC-man[/COLOR]

[Image: Not_Working_Glass.png]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#5997b7"]Submit a bug[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#5997b7"]Submit a patch[/COLOR][/URL]

[Image: Other_Info_Glass.png]


[Image: Download_Glass.png]

* [URL=" X+)(find full link on pac forum)"][COLOR="#5997b7"]PAC-man ROM Downloads[/COLOR][/URL]

[Image: Websites_Glass.png]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]PAC-man Rom Sharing Policy[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]PAC-Rom Site[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]PAC Forum[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]PAC Gerrit[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]PAC Changelog[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]PAC JENKINS[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]PAC Bug Reports[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]PAC Github[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]PAC Stats[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]PAC Google+[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]PAC Facebook[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]PAC Twitter[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]Want to help Dev or Maintain for PAC-man[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""]Try out PAC's Universal Gerrit Review Script[/URL]

* [URL=""]PAC-Rom Central----Questions and Features broken down and seen by all PAC Devs on XDA[/URL]

[Image: Credits_Glass.png]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#5997b7"]Cyanogen Team[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#f784ec"]AOKP Team[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]Paranoid Android[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#ebee00"]PAC-man Team[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]SlimRoms[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#f784ec"]RootBox[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#5997b7"]Carbon ROM[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]Vanir[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#f784ec"]ChameleonOS[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#5997b7"]Omnirom[/COLOR][/URL]

* [URL=""][COLOR="#9cce38"]Paranoid SaberDroid[/COLOR][/URL]

* [COLOR="#5997b7"]Special thanks to all our Build Bot Providers (see Contributors list for all names)[/COLOR]

* [COLOR="#5997b7"]JaeKar99 and the PAC Graphix Team - Graphics, logos and images[/COLOR]

Help with server costs
[Image: twitter_donate.png]

[Image: Support_Glass.png]

[Image: pacbannerpoweredby.png]

[Image: pac_user_banner_2.png]

Please respect the forum rules, moderators, and entire PAC Team.
Nightlies should be live soon for the endevorou and encrbc2.  Re adding the color scheme to this thread.
Please respect the forum rules, moderators, and entire PAC Team.

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