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Nexus 5 Pac Version 4.4 Alpha-1
 Hey all,

I just got the Pac Rom that was released last night for my Nexus 5 and it is working FLAWLESSLY!!! Running better than DroidKang that I was using before and better benchmark on Antutu by 2k points Smile my question is will the N5 phone volume tweaks work? I have installed it through recovery multiple times but I have had no luck in getting the volume to tweak lower as I did before. Any suggestions?

Any help is welcome and greatly appreciated Smile

David Esho
Hey sir ? Where did you download it ? I can't find it on basket build server at the moment where I post this message

"Envoyé depuis mon Nexus 5 avec Tapatalk"
I messaged you personally but I had got a message from my Goo Manager that there was an update and that happened to be the Pac Rom Smile
I found the alpha rather buggy, couldn't apply themes nova launcher and chrome would always force close.. But other from that the roms was fine Smile I'm just waiting to move to pac as my daily driver

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