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[ROM][OFFICIAL][KitKat 4.4.2][YP-G70] PAC-man 4.4 [AOSP]
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PAC-man ROM is a ROM built with our own tweaks and options, including picks and features from the best ROMs out there!
Why choose among ROMs, when you have All-in-One !!
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Quote:* By flashing this, you automatically void your warranty!
* If your phone breaks, blows up or runs away from you, do not cry to us!
* Do not ask for ETAs!!
[Image: How_to_Install_Glass.png]
Quote:* Download the ROM and GApps
* Reboot to recovery
* Wipe data/factory reset
* Flash the ROM and then GApps
* Reboot your phone
* Enjoy
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Quote:* Download the latest version
* Reboot to recovery
* Flash the ROM
* Wipe both dalvik cache and cache
* Reboot your phone
* Enjoy the latest version of PAC-man
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Quote:* Submit a bug
* Submit a patch
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Quote:* Rom uses unified kernel with LVM
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* PA Gapps
* Kit-Kat Gapps
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* PAC-Rom Central----Questions and Features broken down and seen by all PAC Devs on XDA
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Quote:* Cyanogen Team
* AOKP Team
* Paranoid Android
* PAC-man Team
* SlimRoms
* RootBox
* Carbon ROM
* Vanir
* ChameleonOS
* Omnirom
* Paranoid SaberDroid
* Special thanks to all our Build Bot Providers (see Contributors list for all names)
* PAC Graphix Team - Graphics, logos and images (see Contributors list for all names)
* and of course, thank you for your love and support!
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No dl. Can you somehow build it manually pls?

Gesendet von meinem SM-N9005 mit Tapatalk
I just installed pac on my player 5.0 and my hardware buttons at the bottom don't work. Does anyone know of an answer or does anyone have the same issue. Thanks.
Which build did you use?

Gesendet von meinem SM-N9005 mit Tapatalk
I used 4.3.Build-1
Could you maybe give the filename of the rom so we know exactly what you flashed? (on some builds the buildbot messed up, usually the name consists of the codename of the device and a human readable timestamp)
Also which version of the device do you have? International, US or Korea?

Gesendet von meinem SM-N9005 mit Tapatalk
i used file and i have the u.s. version
Ok go to xda and grab the latest sultan kernel

Gesendet von meinem SM-N9005 mit Tapatalk
ok I will give it a try...
Thumbs Up 
Hello, at all .... I'm Mike, I follow this forum for some time now.
I own a Galaxy Player 5.0 International version YP-G70.
I would firstly like to thank the people who engage in this project that has revitalized my Galaxy.
By now the ROM is almost perfect even though there is still some minor bugs, and for this I appeal to developers:
Is there a way to run the magnetic sensor? And 'the only thing that I could not see in operation in
At the same time I would also like to help those who like me have had some difficulty or skepticism before entering this rom in your Galaxy Player 5.
What is less clear for those who, like me, did not I will follow the evolution of the rom the beginning, which is to enter the system ROM with the KitKat (Android 4.4.2), due to the ClockworkMod not adequate in the kernel for make the root of the 2.3.6 ROM (YP-G70-Kernel-r14.tar), it is essential to go through the installation of the ROM Cyanogenmod9 (Android 4.0) which contains the ClockWorkMod5 and then through the Cyanogenmod10.2 (Android 4.2) that finally contains the ClockWorkMod6 without which you can not enter the coveted CAP Venturi Rom with Android 4.4.2.
I finally saw the camera work perfectly with the resolution set to 640x480 VGA 3Mp (not WVGA which is the default), otherwise it does not save the picture and freezes the program.
I also could listen to FM radio through the UL version 2014_02_28 SPIRIT program and setting the audio method of GALAXY SL/I9003 (automatic detection runs or just the speaker or headphones only)
So thank at all, I hope that this project can get to perfection, will not be long now

Sorry for english, i'm italian and use google for traslation.

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