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[ROM][OFFICIAL][Lollipop 5.1.1][d2-variants] PAC-ROM LP MR1
First thank you guys for pacman roms. Surprised PAC isn't more popular than cm. 4.4kit is great just no call history but so far running daily no crashes. Thanks

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Will this rom be getting Multi window ? Thanks

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Koolbeanz its fixed no error message incallui when receiving incoming calls. Thanks PAC MAN CREW

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Now let's get the call history working but besides that great job guys .

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3/10/2014 rom-build in question! Flash rom now phone in bootloop. Try booting in to bootloader got stuck on screen with clockwork logo ? Won't boot into recovery at all stuck with clockwork logo help someone thanks ...been flashing for past year no issues until 3/10/2014 build

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I also get a boot loop on 3/10, but I was able to get back to TWRP just fine and flash back to 3/8. Phone working now.

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Flashed 3-10 and get cotinuous " has stopped" errors. I wiped caches after flash...any help is appreciated.
Flashed 3-12 nightly. Works great. Only issue is video cam. When recording over 20 seconds, when video is stopped. A green bar appears at bottom of screen and screen becomes blurry...causes fc then reboot


Netflix still a no go... and some of the Google widgets do not work...they add to screen but fc when activated.


Flashed 3-13:

Netflix no go
Omniswitch fc upon start up
Flashed 3-14

Netflix no go
Video same issue

ALOT of lag on this! ALOT... Lag in speed makes this unusable....web pages load slowly...they take a long time to load/ become readable.

[Image: e4u8agem.jpg]
First, thanks for the great rom.
Second, theres a few bugs/complaints.
Changing the key mappings in settings doesn't seem to work for me. I can't set the long press menu to anything. No matter what it always opens the search. I don't know why, I just thought I'd report it here cause idk if its device specific or what.
Im unable to set a custom background image for the notification shade in the settings. I am able to change it to any solid color though using the color fill option.
Occasionally (at least once a day) when pressing the home key or opening any app, the launcher will pop up over a random app. Like I can open the messaging app and tap a conversation and it'll show the conversation as the background for the launcher and i can only interact with the launcher. And the only way to stop this is to clear the app from the memory. Needless to say this is quite annoying. I'm using nova launcher if that matters
And lastly Google chrome has recently started to jumble letters as depicted below and I don't know why.
[Image: ytuqabu7.jpg]

If anyone else is having any of this happen then id like to know as well.
Any news on the sms issue?
It seems like the only solution is to restore via ODIN...

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