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touch lights
I see that there is absolutely nothing here so figured I'd ask my question.  (I've been scouring for a while all over the internet and haven't stumbled on anything useful)

Presently I'm running pacman which I love except it eats my battery. (android 4.2.2) and the one thing I'm desperately missing from the stock rom is the "touch light duration" feature, I used to keep them on as long as the screen was active so that I could always see them when needed (especially in the dark)  Is there a way to enable that? am I missing some setting somewhere? I understand there's the soft keys but I really don't like that option as it takes up too much of my screen (and I like my touch buttons)  Any help/advice assurances that it will be fixed in upcoming versions or addons or something would be appreciated.  =)   Even if you just have to point out I'm missing something staring at me in the face.


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