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 hello I just switched to this amazing ROM pacman, and I love all the features except I'd like to make a couple suggestions, I think you should incorporate the , viper4android fx instead of DSP manager I'm currently using viper4android and it works flawlessly Smile the only issue I'm having with this ROM is every time I install kernel tuner from the play store, i get random reboots, and I love kernel tuner, I think it should replace the, performance control app in other updates along with viper4android fx. any help for me and kernel tuner?
hey I fixed the kernel tuner issue, I just used link2sd and I froze the performance control app then I converted kernel tuner to a system app, no more issues lol
 opps I figured out more, is not kernel tuner or performance control, the random reboots happen after I change the governor, is default is ondemand , it reboots after I change it to anything evin with kernel tuner it's fine until I change the governor..... Mod Edit.
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