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Success build link not found
I'm wondering why the links of this job are heading nowhere?:

Acoording to the basketbuild download page the latest build is from 20140128..

Anyone knows the current status of these builds? What happened to them?

I really like the pacman rom and hope that builds will be provided in the future Smile
Keep on the good work!
Same thing is happening with GT-I9300 builds, strange... I hope it gets sorted out soon
It's a lot of devices, Hercules included. I checked some of them and they have the same issue.

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It the same with the Yuga builds, iv been waiting to get the newest nightly build for a while now, does anyone know when this problem might be fixed?

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I think its the same with all versions, I've read its due to a server issue and the 4.4 version on pacman that might be out later today.

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According to my research and understanding, basketbuild just upgraded and they have to assign new logins to the developers. What I can understand is that the builds are failing because the dibs system is trying to upload but returns with a 403 forbidden from basketbuild's servers.

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