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Proper Installation Instructions
I'm trying to find the proper instructions on how to install the PAC rom on my phone.  Galaxy S3 AT&T i7-47.

Installed CWM
Rooted phone.
Installed Super SU
Installed Rom Manager

Downloaded PAC rom from here:
Specifically this file ""
Placed file on external SD card

Rebooted into CWM
Choose xip from sdcard
(select file)
Get the following error message: (see attached photo)



Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
You downloaded the S4 version. That's why its not working.

Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk
Thanks for noticing that.  The closest choice I'm finding here is for the GS3 i9300.  Given I have a SGH-i747, is there a PAC rom for this model and if so, where would I locate it?

I found and assume the d2att is the correct choice for my phone.

I updated CWM to the latest version, and now was able to flash the d2att PAC rom.

It cycled the PAC man rom's logo and Game Over and Insert Coin --> solution: wipe data,cache and dalvik cache. Wiped these and flashed the ROM and GAPPS again.

Setting up PAC rom now 
Update your recovery

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