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Hello everyone!
So yeah, like the topic says I just wanted to say hi in the first place! Smile
My name is Luca and I'm a 21 year old student from germany. I've always been into IT but I'd describe my skills as.. yeah "poweruser". That means, I'm not into programming stuff myself too much, but I like to know how things work and would say of myself, that I understand a lot. Wink
Soo, why did I register here? Well, I've been running Pac-man on my GNexus before it died and ran PAC 4.3 a long time on my SGS4 even though I'm now running 4.4 GE, rooted of course, but as you mentioned at the weekend, your 4.4 versions will follow soon. Another thing is, that I wanted to take a deeper look into the development of a ROM which I hope to get here and maybe I can even help by reporting bugs or testing stuff or something like that.
Long story short, here to learn and help! Smile


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