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[OT] Anxiously waiting for nightlies
Unfortunately, no. There are no shortcuts for compiling a ROM from the sources. Every required library and build dependency must be correctly installed and properly functioning for a successful build. Think of it in terms of building an operating system for a pc from scratch vs installing precompiled binaries. If one required dependency is missing or doesn't function correctly the build will fail.

I heard the rom compilation failed today for our amaze

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same for venturi
sorry, that is one stupid mistake of fingering!, when you return home from college, publishes the compiled rom in my house, tomorrow there will be nightly!, I seriously sorry for that mistake

Quote:error: device/htc/ruby/prebuilt/lib/ system/lib/

correctly is: device/htc/ruby/prebuilt/lib/ system/lib/
too funny...
And what might be soo funny in this post.

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how something little as this can crush a whole android build, especially if the machie knows the solution...

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