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Android Keyboard? Gapps?
Hello, there. I have a couple of questions regarding PAC-ROM.  I downloaded and installed the latest nightly for the Spyder.
My Process:
  • Wipe cache, dalvik, system, and data - Twice
  • Flash base ROM (in this case, PAC-ROM)
  • Wipe dalvik
  • Flash Gapps
  • Wipe dalvik again then reboot
My first question is where do we find the correct Gapps to use with this ROM?  Are the standard gapps at functional with PAC?

The next question may be answered with the first, but how does one get the Android keyboard working with this ROM?

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advace for any advice given!  Smile

Any standard gapps will work with PAC. You just need to use the correct version. And what's wrong with the keyboard?

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It could be that I'm using the wrong version of Gapps. I found some forum with a specific gapps zip just for PAC called

The Android keyboard doesn't work with my current config. "Android keyboard is not responding," or something to that effect. I will try again with a standard gapps zip coresponding to the version of android in PAC soon, then post results.

Thank you!
Using the correct gapps zip solved my problems. Thanks again!

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