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Testing so far so good...
I've been testing the Evita latest pac-rom I compile once a week testing images for my self. So far Random Reboots really need to be fixed. Unless its the Modified TWRP recovery produced by a fellow XDA member it might just work better with CWM.

Many things work and several things don't bugs Ive found should be same on all HTC One varients. On the plus side once working the rom has minimal ram consumption.

- Random Reboots , plenty of them (not a daily driver yet)
- Init.d scripts dont save
- Appbar wont allow me to add content or even move icons around on add content and doesnt even show when enabled
@MadCo @PapaSmurf

Possible Solutions ?

AOKP Is on JB_mr1 not 4.4.2 I have an unofficial build of AOKP 4.4.2 for Evita and runs flawlessly no Random Reboots I think mixing an old version of AOKP withing the PAC 4.4 is causing a majority of the problems. Which I think AOKP 4.4.2 should be used and merged. So its entirely %100 Android 4.4.2.

More testing hold release off until Random Reboots are minimal at least untill end of future week. So users will come flying back to PAC once its on stable and with all of the favorite features possible on 4.4.2.

Remove stuff that just isnt working... Appbar, Init.d scripts.   


BTW this thread is for One X varient testers to report bugs. @JoseGalre
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