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SD card partition before flashing?
Hello! I am new to PAC ROM and am running the newest build of AOKP kitkat on my Note 2 (t0ltetmo), And i read something on xda forums talking about partitioning your sd card or PAC ROM doesn't boot..... Is this true? Or can I just flash the ROM and gapps and be fine? Thanks guys! May be a stupid question, but just wanna be sure before I end up in a boot loop!
Uhm usually you can flash PAC straight without partitioning your SD card. That's the first time I hearing this theory lol. But yeah make sure to clear data/factory reset before flashing PAC.

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 Ok! Thank you for your quick reply! Smile Oh! And do I use any KK gapps? Or are there specific ones for this ROM?
PAC is still on 4.3, so you'll need to use Jb gapps

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