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Release date

Great that we have official support now! When will be the first release? and will it be android 4.4 or 4.3?

Have a great day Smile
What do you mean by "first release"? PAC has been around for a year-and-a-half. Currently nightlies are running for 118 devices on Android 4.3. The Android 4.4 version of PAC is under construction atm (do not ask for ETA please)
Device Honami | ROM PAC-5.1 | Kernel M5
Device Urushi | ROM PAC-5.0 | Kernel LegacyXperia | Retired
he asked this because this device hasn't any official builds yet because it's too late for 4.3 and too early for 4.4.
You just have to wait until 4.4 nightlies.
No news yet? Sad
It has been released now Smile

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