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HTC One (AT&T) Questions
The countdown timer is a great idea...thanks for that. I am excite!
not really. it is based on your computer time and in another thread I heard that it'll open 1am EST. meaning that european and asian and australian ppl are f*cked based on the counter.

the script should be changed in a way that the server time and the difference to EST are used for it...
Well, I'm in EST, so it's okay with me. But I see what you mean.
but it will be 1AM and not midnight...

(03-02-2014, 03:21 PM)'Nick0703' Wrote: That download section is locked for now. Too many people are lurking on it and are trying to get a test build. It will be open tonight at 1 am E.T.

where is it nightly m7ul?
Probably it is together with m7 if that didn't fail. They are changing for unified builds...

Gesendet von meinem SM-N9005 mit Tapatalk
Are they not doing carrier specific builds? Either way, there are no new m7 builds posted.

Also, anyone else having trouble with these forums? I keep getting hang-up and "script stopped working" errors.
Then it probably failed. Check Jenkins for further information

Gesendet von meinem SM-N9005 mit Tapatalk
M7 failed I'm waiting for it too :-)

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Looks like m7 failed again. Bummer.

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