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HTC One (AT&T) Questions
If not someone will Smile they're not hard to find. I came to pacman from cm11 and had to downgrade twrp and find gapps was very simple. They just stated it will hopefully be out this week end.

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Nothing yet on the new ROMs, eh? I keep checking.
Still nothing? Dang.
Lol. Everyone is in suspense lol. I keep checking here, the g+ page and the site...

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Seriously! The download page changed, so I hoped that meant the builds had been updated, but
HTC looks set to announce the M8 on March 25. Maybe we'll get KitKat PAC builds by then. 

I kid, I kid! Just eager.
Getting antsy.
They said it will be just a few more days. Can't wait to keep up with this Rom!

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devs are busy trying to get everything finnished,
maybe you should follow us on g+

I already do, but updates are few and far between. I'm not complaining...I'd rather have them working on the builds than posting on Google+. Also, that link is broken. It has an extra :// in it.

What are some things folks can do to help with the process? I'm not an Android developer by any stretch, but I can test. I AM a web developer and can help on that side of things. Basically, I would love to help PACROM get things out faster, if there's any way I might be helpful. If not, that's fine too.

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