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[i9100] [BUG]Can't send mms w/o enable data connection manually (auto data co broken)
Hey everyone,
Since 26/10 nightly and the new qcril, I can't send mms without enable data connection.
Is it possible to re implement auto data connection or revert back to old qcril ?
I have already post this issue on google code :
I hope that somebody is trying to fix it quickly, it's really annoying :/

Otherwise really good job for this awesome rom Smile

PS: Sorry for my bad English, I'm French :/

Hello (french user too),

Can't we implement this in the ROM, please :
Quote:For me, the fix was to add this line to my 'others.xml' which is located in the System/CSC folder.


You need to add the above string before the end of the xml file - the last two lines of it should be:-


Some people don't have an 'others.xml', they have 'Features.xml' or 'Features_Default.xml' instead.

After editing the xml file, you need to change the permissions back to rw--r--r--
After setting the permissions, reboot.
To make these changes I use ES File Explorer and its built in text editor (it's free).
Needless to say I hope, your phone must be rooted to edit the above file. Make a backup of the file before editing it.

We don't have the CSC folder, but I imagine this option can be added in the ROM.

Thank you in advance for the answer !
Thank you for the ROM.
I think that I have found the features.xml file in system/etc/persmissions/

Currently I don't have PAC Rom, but maybe it will help the devs or somebody else ! Smile

I hope that a maintainer will see this message and can do something for the 4.4 releases Smile

 Thank you, but it don't seems to be the good file.
Has anyone tested with the 4.4 build ?

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