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Disable NavBar?
I have a dead area towards the bottom of the screen, it often stops the space bar from working when I type. If I swipe up in this area, some semi-circle thing opens up with soft keys and other information. I gather this is called NavBar?

It's affecting my typing massively and I would like to disable. I hunted around but all of the information relates to older builds in which the settings were clearly different. I can't find the related line in build.prop and setting the NavBar side to 0% makes no difference; it's still in the way and still opens.

Can you please tell me how to disable this permanently?

I think I fixed it.

I turned it back on, applied settings, then off again and applied settings. Gone now.

I tried this yesterday and it didn't work, guess the new nightly fixed it somehow.
You need to disable PIE. Simple as that.

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PIE was off all along, although I did turn that on and off in the process of troubleshooting didn't help.

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