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October 21 & 22 Nightlys
I'm aware of the fact that nightlys aren't supposed to be used as stable daily drivers. However there are some issues with the latest two October 21 & 22 Nightlys.
The Phone app on the 21&22 is force closing every time it dials out.

That is all.

Hope we can get this fixed so I can use it! I patched backwards to the previous builds till these issues get worked out. As the dialer worked perfect previous to the 21st build.

Good work.
Thanks !~
That's strange... It works fine with me on the 21/22 it wasnt until today (Oct 27th) I get the same error...

I flashed back to oct 21's nightly and i get the same bug still..

Same issue with 27 and even 28. I almost spent the night but it seems that the FC came when the toggle "PAC in Black" is ON. When ON, impossible to use the phone. I downgraded to 21 and every seems to work fine so far.

Hope it will help.

But anyway, besides some small and rare issues, this PAC Rom is one of the best custom ROM I've ever tried, the only reason I'm keeping my n7100 instead of running to buy the new Note 3. Thanks to the team for his great energy end job !

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