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S4 cant boot anymore after update

I am running a Samsung S4 Galaxy (intl.) on Pac Rom since a very early version.
But unfortunately it looks like I got stuck on the nightly version as of 20131018.
All versions after that one install nicely, but when I restart my phone after the update process it boots up, sorts the apps and gets stuck on "starting apps".
The only way to get out of there is rebooting, where I then get stuck on the "Game over, insert coin" screen.

Reinstalling the nightly build 20131018 resoves the problem, but it's not the up to date version of that fabulous ROM, which I would clearly prefer.
Wiping the dalvik cache didn't solve the problem either.

Any idea what is wrong?

Thanks for the great work, love that ROM!

P.S.: is it possible to enable screen mirroring (drivelink by Samsung)?

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