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PAC-man ROM - JB 4.2.2 Weekly Releases (by buildbot)
Pa+Aokp+Cm = PACman rom

CyanogenMod, AOKP, and Parnoid Android all have great features. Can't decide which one to choose? Now you don't have to. PAC-Man is a hybrid ROM that contains all of the features of all three. All the stability of CM10.1, with the customizability of AOKP, and the tablet mode options of PA, PAC-Man really is the one ROM that has it all.

  • PhoneUI, PhabletUI, TabletUI
  • Most Features from AOKP
  • All Features from CM
  • All Features from PA
  • Of course JellyBean 4.2.2[/list:u]

    This device will be getting weekly releases by buildbot.
    This thread is only to tell the current version and associated gapps.

    This will contain download link, gapps download link and working & not working list.

    • HW Acceleration
    • Sound
    • Sensors
    • Auto Brightness (new als Smile)
    • Display
    • Touch
    • Project Butter
    • Tablet/Hybrid UI
    • WiFi
    • GPS
    • Themes (for AOKP, CM)
    • AOKP Settings
    • Ril (Call, SMS, Microphone)
    • Data
    • Native USB OTG
    • Youtube LQ/HQ
    • Legacy Camera
    • ParanoidSettings* [highlight=#ff4040](see bugs)[/highlight]
    • In-Browser-Video Player Big Grin
    • PIE Control and its Settings
    • PA Color Control and Layout Changer[/list:u]

      Not working
A release is now available for download. Smile
flash is not working ...pls fix it in next nightly release....
risthi Wrote:flash is not working ...pls fix it in next nightly release....
New als drivers broke the torch, devs are working hard to fix it.

Sent from my Xperia Ray
Device Honami | ROM PAC-5.1 | Kernel M5
Device Urushi | ROM PAC-5.0 | Kernel LegacyXperia | Retired
yeah new als looks awesome Smile very smooth and responsive... Smile Big Grin
no reboots...Smile
everything works....i'm using it for daily use...
battery life is also ok...
good work devs :mrgreen:
The last version of pac looks great compared to 22.3 - more stabil without restarts (did not notice), fixed poweramp (now working) and my BT issue is solved as well.
However, wifi does not work (i've tried clean wiped install and restarts after correct instalation)... Hope, stabil 22.4 will solve it or any help?

Thanks for dev!

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