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All icons in home screen are not render
Hi All,

Any body experience the issue that when you launch any App via App Drawer then press home button, the home screen show no icon ?
I have to launch App Drawer and press home button again to refresh home screen in order to make all icons visible again.

My device is Nexus 4.
Stock kernel that's shipped with PAC Rom nightly build 20131002.093432.
The rom is clean installed from PAC Rom build 20130930 and update daily.
Every update, i wipe cache and dalvik.

same error here..

My device is HTC One
Stock kernel that's shipped with PAC Rom nightly build pac_m7ul-nightly-20131015 , and flashed the update pac_m7ul-nightly-20131018 with a dalvik wipe.
I did some google and saw some thread.. can't remember where..
It said that the issue is caused by Trebuchet..
So I switch back to latest nightly of CM.. There is no such issue.

As of now, I'm sticking with CM until this issue no longer exist.
It's not a severe issue because you can just launch "app drawer" then press "home" again to re-render home screen.
But I'm just too lazy to always do these extra step.

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