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High RAM on Idle
Hi I have a Galaxy Note II and i noticed that even if I'm not running any apps I am still using 1200mb/1750mb of RAM.

Is this normal? For 4.1.2 TW I only used around ~500 and for other 4.3 ROMs such as Paranoid Android I only use ~500/~600.

The RAM usage reported by the app bar in the recents screen shows running and cached processes, but the settings apps menu shows only running processes. These two screens use very different methods to show the RAM usage on my phone I have the following:
Recents = 720mb
Settings = 494mb

You can modify the behaviour of the recents RAM bar through the GeneralUI settings to show only applications or apply different colours.

Hope that helps :grin:

Sent from my PACman GT-i9100 using Xparent ICS Tapatalk 2

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