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Let´s play P.A.C-Man 22.2.0 | JB 4.2.2 | new ICS-Bootloader
[center]MetaIIica proudly presents

[Image: head-banging.jpg]
[Image: pac_logo_header_transparent_800x200.png]
PAC ALL IN 1 22.2.0

[Image: TH_825f7ea6b786b1fab5b846aa1b3d4dd6.jpg][Image: TH_d01611aca06995e3b6717fc282ce8afc.jpg][Image: TH_6aee3654c6d130c09c9ff415b50adcd2.jpg]

First, this is only for the new Bootloader!



The struggle to find the rom you need is over. Some people like CyanogenMod 10.1, Some prefer AOKP, Some like the advantages of Paranoid Android
To cure your rom hunt we have come up with the P A C man Rom.
PACman is a unique rom.
We have picked the best features from CM10.1, Aokp and PA and combined them in a single rom so you get the experience you deserve
To enjoy the features of every available project without the hassle of flashing regularly.
The Rom is rock stable for an average user but keep in mind the Rom is in WIP stage so expect some minor hickups but we are trying our best to resolve these issues

[Image: lg_pacman.gif][/center]
My Build have following changes:
  • based of AOSP Jellybean 4.2.2
  • latest CM10.1
  • latest AOKP mr1
  • latest AOSPA (ParanoidAndroid 3.15)
  • all settings from CyanogenMod 10.1, Android Open Kang Project MR1, and AOSPA 3.15
  • Theme Hue as default
  • many Themes...
  • integrated App PimpMyRom
  • Swap enabled ((for no problems with Panorama)
  • integrated GPS-Test App
  • integrated TitaniumBackup Standard
  • BRAVIAÂ Engine
  • many Themes...
  • Alsa Mixer and Engine
  • OpenPDroid Support
    more come to soon[/list:u]

Used Devices:
Samsung Galaxy S IV
Hello MetaIIica, nice to see another new build Big Grin

one question - it´s possible to tell the checksum for the builds?
because I´ve to download the build many times to see there´re
errors - my iSP is ugly :oops:
with checksum is much easier and faster to check w/o flashing
( no try´n´error)

thanx in advance
Thanks for this ROM Metallica!
Will you update it to android 4.3, or even android 4.4.2?
I cant not update to 4.3 or 4.4
1. we have no official driver anymore.
2. i dont have the device anymore
3. CyanogenMod had ending support for this device so we have no driver.. And the patched drivers is not usable for us, its use basics in other repos was developed by other devs. This is not compatible wirh official supported devices

It was a wonderful device, but when any have interest to build PAC 4.4 unofficial, let me know
Used Devices:
Samsung Galaxy S IV

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