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bugs on yuga since after RC release
Hi, thanks for the amazing development of this rom.
These 5 bugs on my C6603 have been on all nightlies since after the RC 7/30 release.
Running latest nightly 09/10.

1. Torch force closes (both app and toggle) have tried clearing data and dalvik ect.

2. OtA updates do not work, the pac console opens and finds the latest version, however crashes when clicking "download zip" (both wifi and 3g FC)

3. Flashing updates manually via CWM causes gapps to be lost (needs reflash, tried fixing permissions on /system)

4. Themes provider crashes after every update, i learnt to fix it i need to uninstall all themes, clear app data, open it, then re install my themes to get it stable.

5. Tablet ui causes settings to FC, i fixed this using nova launcher going to " manage apps" then changing the dpi from 240/1000 to 240/720, 1000dpi incompatible with settings app.
Please kindly fix?
Thanks pac devs, otherwise all else perfect & stable for me

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