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Google services drain/wifi drain/browser-gmail ui? HELP!
Droid 4. Running the 9/9 latest build. came from cm10. tried akop. i like this. Full complete wipe(as always). No titanium or any backup apps used.

issues with google services going thru the roof and wifi drain, when wifi is not even turned on.


Attached Files
.png   Screenshot_2013-09-09-23-54-52.png (Size: 238.59 KB / Downloads: 161)
.jpg   Screenshot_2013-09-09-23-55-14.jpg (Size: 95.07 KB / Downloads: 161)
.png   Screenshot_2013-09-09-23-55-33.png (Size: 203.8 KB / Downloads: 160)

as you can see, wifi is not even turned on.

and lastly, this is all that is checked in google services...


I really do enjoy this rom, but the drain is pretty substantial. hoping someone has a fix. only thing other that these, is there a way to switch the browser and gmail back to phone ui instead of tablet ui? I messed with no settings, but see there are a few options to choose from in tablet ui and phone ui. Gmail and browser is just very small and hard to see.

Attached Files
.png   Screenshot_2013-09-09-23-55-44.png (Size: 172.69 KB / Downloads: 160)
.jpg   Screenshot_2013-09-10-00-04-24.jpg (Size: 79.8 KB / Downloads: 159)
.png   Screenshot_2013-09-10-00-07-21.png (Size: 51.67 KB / Downloads: 159)
and back to cm10. cant have a rom that barely gives me 2 hours just sitting on the table.

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